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CoOperative Charting

An opportunity for you to contribute to the ongoing accuracy of the buoys and markers on our waterways that provide the critical navigation information to those boaters who are new to the area and those that just wish to stay out of trouble – especially in our tide driven waters of the low country.  These markers, if followed, will keep you from running aground (hopefully) and allow you to enjoy the area regardless of low or high tides.  I’ve personally seen many situations where, if captains had just paid attention to the markers, they would not have gotten stranded or run aground (Fields Cut anyone?).

The process is quite simple.  Boat up to the marker or buoy, snap some pictures of the target, make sure your location feature is turned ON, take several pictures around the object, making sure you show the actual NUMBER of the marker, and the condition that you are reporting, and that’s it.  First part complete.  Take pictures of at least 5, more is better but since you can only submit a maximum of 5, you might want to take more than five so you can pick the best ones to submit.


Once you get back to dry land, then you must file your report along with the pictures and let the powers that be take care of the rest. Quite simple.  Adds a bit of fun when you’re out on the water. 

So let's get involved - here are the directions to get started  -  Read or Download here

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