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Your 2022  Leadership Team


Commander Peter Dion heads the Leadership Team and:

  • Leads and manages the club or "squadron"

  • Facilitates Executive Committee meetings

  • Represents the squadron at district meetings, conferences, and in the community


Executive Officer Craig Loomis manages external affairs and committees such as:

  • Boat Shows

  • Liaison to Public and Governmental Agencies

  • Cooperative Charting


Administrative Officer - Dave Medvedeff manages internal affairs, the events calendar, and such committees as:

  • Membership

  • Boating Activities

  • Programs, Dinner Meetings, and Social Events

Treasurer David Frederick manages the squadron’s financial functions, including:

  • Collecting and processing membership dues

  • Maintaining up-to-date paid member lists

  • Paying approved squadron bills

  • Managing bank accounts


Secretary Chris Datillo serves as official record keeper by:

  • Documenting, distributing, and maintaining meeting minutes and squadron records

  • Managing cloud-based document storage

  • Serving as Ocean Breeze newsletter editor

  • Notifying the media of courses, seminars, and events

Education Officer Tom Ryley, coordinates all training and instructional activities including:

  • Arranging and publicizing public seminars

  • Scheduling and communicating the curriculum to members

  • Retaining Certified Instructors

  • Administering USPS examination procedures

Supporting Your 2022    Leadership Team


Debra Dion        Ocean Breeze Editor

Paul Hoyte         Technology Chair


Glenn Crews      Membership Officer 


Mark Larson       Past Commander

                        Chairman, Nominating Committee

Barb Sommers    Past Commander

                        Nominating Committee

Larry Tremitiere   Past Commander

                        Nominating Committee

Members at Large

Glenn Crews      John Henderson

Rick Sturges        Wayne Mitchell

Bob Newbert      Chris Brigham

Rules Committee

Joe Etter              Chairperson Rules Committee

Larry Tremitiere       

Audit Committee

Barb Sommers      Chairperson Audit Committee

Larry Tremitiere       

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