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Vessel Safety Check

Having a reliable boat helps assure you'll have a fun-filled and safe day on the water

The Vessel Safety Check (VSC) Program is:

  • a free and voluntary inspection service

  • offered in partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary 


Our certified examiners check to see if you meet all federal and state regulations.

If your boat meets compliance, you'll receive a decal to display on your vessel, showing that you achieved a satisfactory inspection.

You may wish to:



Become Certified Today!

The Boat Operator Certification (BOC) Program:

  • Allows you to demonstrate your knowledge                        of a specific set of boating skills in a                        supportive environment and

  • Establishes your boating credentials by                               verifying your proficiency


Program Benefits:

  • Saving on boat insurance premiums

  • Easier renting, chartering or leasing a boat,                         especially in another country

  • Gaining recognition as an accomplished boater

  • Sharpening your emergency preparedness

  • Building confidence in your boating abilities

  • Learning to train others on-the-water


The Four Levels of Certification are presented through                   seminars, hands-on training, and on-the-water instruction.

  • Inland Navigator

  • Coastal Navigator

  • Advanced Coastal Navigator

  • Offshore Navigator


To get started or to learn more, contact our Education Officer.



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