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Our Committees

Executive Board Members-at-Large

Don Becker, P-IN

Jim Iannacchino, S

Frank Modrowsky, AP-IN

Bob Newbert, AP-IN

Mark Stone, AP


Committee Chairpersons

Boating Activities Chairperson– Bob Newbert, AP-IN

Dinner/Social - Russ Collins, AP
Jump Start – Phil Burke
Instructor Development - Tom Ryley, AP-CN

Ocean Breeze Newsletter - Debbie Loomis

Public Relations/Marketing - Vacant

Technology/Webmaster - Paul Hoyte, AP-IN

Vessel Safety Check Coordinator - Linda Larson, P

Membership - Glenn Crews

Merit Marks – Barb Sommers, AP

Merit Marks Assistant – Guy Wagner, AP


Nominating Committee
      3 years – P/C Peter Dion, SN-CN (Chairperson)

2 years - Tom Ryley, AP-CN

1 Year – P/C Barb Sommers, AP


Rules Committee
      2 Years – P/C Joe Etter, AP-IN (Chairperson)

1 year - P/C Barb Sommers, AP


Audit Committee

3 Years – Dave Frederick, S (Chairperson)
2 Years - P/C Joe Etter, AP-IN

1 Years - P/C Barb Sommers, AP

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