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*Jump Start *  

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A Program by Boaters, for Boaters

Jump Start is our program to help new boat owners develop essential skills for easier handling and safer operation of your new vessel.


  • Highly-customized for your individual needs

  • Hands-on training right on your own boat

  • Up to 2 hours

  • Available to members and non-members at no cost

  • Conducted by certified, experienced instructors

  • A great way to become acquainted with our club, our members, and additional training available

  • Follow-up recommendations may include:

    • Training Exercises

    • Courses

    • Boating Aids, Checklists, Safety Materials

    • Other On-the-water Training Opportunities

Typical Topics:

  • Boat Handling

  • Understanding Navigational Aids

  • Boating Courtesy

  • Docking

  • Close Quarters Maneuvering

  • Open Water Maneuvering

  • Currents/Wind/Tides

  • Basic GPS

  • Radio Protocol

  • Safety Equipment

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